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Compass Tarot Reading

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Compass Tarot Reading
Compass Tarot Reading
Compass Tarot Reading
Compass Tarot Reading
Compass Tarot Reading

A four-card reading: South, West, East, North. Used to assess your current situation as well as your prior accomplishments and where you're headed.

  1. South: Where are you coming from? What experiences or accomplishments are already in your past?
  2. West: What is concluding? What are you ready to let go of?
  3. East: What is dawning in your life? What glimmers of light are just beginning to shine through?
  4. North: Where are you moving toward? What is your 'north star' that is providing guidance?


  • A picture of your personal spread
  • A written explanation of your reading (via email within 5 days of payment received) including my interpretations of patterns and archetypes

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NOTE: This is a digital purchase; all information/files will be emailed to you.

Disclaimer: Readings are for those 18 years of age or older and are for entertainment purposes only. Any advice or information received in a reading should never replace the guidance of a professional in any specific field. I am not responsible for anything you do with the information you receive in a reading; I reserve the right to decline readings of a sensitive nature.

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